Set Up & Scoring


Each player receives three shots in each golf skill. Points are awarded and dependent on distance and aim of each shot (driving) and proximity to the hole (chipping & putting). The points system for each skill is listed below.

Participants can practice on their own time to keep track of their progress and can upload practice scores to their online account. Participants can also register online to take part in one of the local Junior Skills Challenge events being run across Canada.


Distance: 5 - 10 - 20 feet
Shots per distance: 1

Accuracy and Scoring:

Holed 40 pts
Within 1 ft circle of hole 30 pts
Within 3 ft circle of hole 20 pts
Within 5 ft circle of hole 10 pts
Missed attempt 5 pts



Distance: 5 yards from green (for all age groups)
Shots per participant: 3

Accuracy and Scoring:

Holed 40 pts
Within 3 ft circle of the pin 30 pts
Within 6 ft circle of the pin 20 pts
Within 10 ft circle of the pin 10 pts
Missed attempt 5 pts



Note: The drive must reach required distance and land within the 30-yard width in order to qualify for points.

Shots per participant:
Required Distances:



Missed attempt 5 pts
60 yds 10 pts
90 yds 15 pts
120 yds 20 pts
150 yds 25 pts
180 yds 30 pts
210 yds 35 pts
240 yds 40 pts
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